Self: Age 38, Corrective Lenses, Generally Healthy
Mother: (dec.) Age 72 - gall bladder cancer
Father: (dec.) Age 65 - colon cancer
Sister: Age 51
Brother: (dec.) Age 24 - testicular cancer
Maternal Grandmother: (dec.) Age 89 - Natural causes
Maternal Grandfather: (dec.) Age 43 - accidental
Paternal Grandmother: (dec.) Age 78 - colon cancer
Paternal Grandfather: (dec.) Age 81 - Natural causes

Extended Family History

Relation: Mother (dec.)
Year of Birth: 1922
Race: Caucasian
Ethnic Ancestry: White Russian/Tatar
Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 130
Eye Color: Brown
Wore Corrective Lenses? Yes
Hair type: Wavy, Fine
Complexion: Medium
Tanning Ability: Tans very easily
Physical Build: Small
Sex and Age of Children: 1 Female 51, 1 Female 39, 1 Male (dec.) 24
Occupation: Housewife
Education: Some college
Special Skills: Good listener
General Health: Good
Type of Personality: Warm, maternal, sympathetic, nurturing, supportive, a great mother