Have you ever been arrested and/or convicted of a crime/felony? No

Have you ever been under the care of a a psychiatrist? (Hospitalization, medication, on-going therapy) Some psycho-therapy, approx. 8 years

Have you ever received treatment for drug and/or alcohol abuse? No

Do you drink alcohol? Yes

If yes, when and how often: a couple of times a week, socially

Do you take any non-prescription drugs? Yes

If yes, please indicate which ones and the reason: Multi-vitamins

Are you willing to take health-related tests at your own expense? (STD's, drugs, emotional tests, etc.) Yes

Please list any significant illnesses you have had: Chicken Pox, Measles

Please list any prescription drugs you are currently taking and any medical conditions for which you are currently being treated? None

Were you adopted? No

Please describe your character (personality): Extroverted, honest, gregarious, self-confident, adventurous, detail-oriented

Please list any clubs, organizations, hobbies, interests, sports teams, activities, etc., you are involved in: Yoga, swimming, skiing, volunteer work with children, photography, socializing, movies, fine dining

Please describe any special skills, talents and abilities you have: athletics, dancing, domestic arts (cooking, sewing, etc.)

Please describe your future goals (personal and career): To get married (to the right person), and have family. To continue with my fine arts career.

What qualities do you consider to be most important in choosing a mate? Attention to personal appearance, similar outlook on life, open-mindedness, pro-education, career-oriented, positive child-rearing opinions, interactive decision making

What would your response be if the prospective mate wanted to meet or speak with you? Sure